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About Study in Montreal

A true showcase providing access to a wealth of practical information.

The Study in Montreal portal was specially designed for international students. You can find information on welcome and orientation services, public and community resources, housing, employment, university admission procedures, financial assistance programs, and a host of other interesting topics.

Student Life

ACCÈS SANTÉ brochure (Lachine)

Do you need a physical check-up, medical advice, or psychological counselling? This brochure lists all the medical and psychosocial services offered by the local community service centre (CLSC) in your neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood to discover


Neighbourhood Profile

Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue is at the western tip of the Island of Montreal. Its proximity to St. Louis Lake and the Deux-Montagnes Lake adds greatly to its charm. During the summer months, its locks abound with colourful sail boats and other pleasure craft. The main thoroughfare is Sainte-Anne Street, where you will find charming restaurants, sidewalk cafés, and professional offices.
The municipality is also home to two of Quebec’s largest English-language institutes of education: McGill University’s Macdonald campus and John Abbott College.

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E@M, brain dates for international students in Montreal

Because studying in Montreal also means meeting new people and learning from them during brain dates, we have a new MEETING section on the site. You can access our E@M platform that will match you with another student to share knowledge, tips and good experiences over a coffee, beer or an excursion. To receive an invitation to join the E@M community, sign up!

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To talk to our community and disseminate information on all of our services (welcome, orientation, activities, brain dates), the studyinmontreal.info site now has a Facebook page. We also share news for Montreal international students on our new Twitter account. Follow-us, share, comment, we look formward to being able to talk more with you!

Facebook: Etudier à Montréal // Study in Montreal 
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Bulletin Board

We would like to inform you that the bulletin board is no longer one of the services offered by the E@M site.

Although it was satisfactory, we intend to develop other tools to improve the site’s interactivity.

Since we need to start in order to finish, get ready to experience the new interface!

Don’t forget that you can always visit this page if you need to search for an apartment: http://www.etudieramontreal.info/en/living/tips Housing section.